Healthy Diet for Office People

Healthy Diet for Office People

If you want to be healthy and happy, it is important that you need to maintain a healthy diet and keep going on a consistent diet. For those who work in the offices, in another way of saying, office workers, it is crucial that you pay attention to a healthy diet so that you can have sufficient energy to perform the work and daily tasks well.

If you are not having a healthy diet with enough nutrition, you need to remind yourself that you must change as soon as possible. Some office workers have already claimed that, as soon as they change their diets toward healthy ones, there are positive changes which occur almost immediately to their body.

If you are still wonders what are good for your body; in the following section, there are some tips and stuff you should know in order to make the most of your daily diet. These have been highly recommended by so many nutritionists and dieticians as well as people who actually have gone through.

1. Eat More Fats

You might think eating fat would never be good for your body, especially for those who are trying to lose weight. However, you shouldn’t have to worry because as much as office works do not seem to be energy-consuming, in fact it is quite the opposite. It requires lots of concentration which in turn needs energy and calories in order to perform well in front of the computer. Therefore, if you eat a bit more fat when you are at works, then it should not be a big deal. Those fat and calories will eventually be burned by the end of day. And the fats will help you to avoid dizzy which can be triggered by lowered blood sugar.

Since it is the daytime, you can consume as much as you want without worrying about having too much energy in your body.

Fortunately, foods that are rich in fats are quite available for you to choose such as fish oil, snacks or simply adding some more butter into your meals so that your body will be provided more with omega-3 fats.

2. Grains

It is highly important that you do have grains in your diet, along with vitamins and minerals. However, those food are rich sources of sugar so you might not need a lot during the day.

Therefore, it is the best that you should refrain on grains intake, which might be hard. The reason is that grains are quite common and available; therefore, they always be the top choice when it comes to what to eat. Once you decide to replace the grains intake, it is recommended that you should take more vegetables and fruits instead. Also, you can opt for some protein-based foods such as red meats, lean meats or salmon. It would be such a great idea if you consume other types of nuts as snacks during break times.

3. Feed Your Thyroid

This tip is also highly important and you should take into consideration. This might become the sluggish pre, especially for women when they have to deal with menopause period and so on. Therefore, it is still necessary that you take good care of it in order to stay truly healthy.

In order to do so, you need to include more Iodine into your diet so that it can bolster the hormones. There are so many type of foods you should include into your daily diet, and sushi as well as sashimi is probably the best choice. Plus, they are very easy to consume, even for the first time trying.

4. Fruits

Fruits, again, are always essential choices for basically any people and they surely do. There are lots of vitamin and important minerals in fruits that works wonderfully toward boosting your energy and some can even help you to stay awake.

It is best to start your day with fruit juices and during the day, you can bring along other fruits to snack during tea break. Fruits that would be nutritious and convenient to bring along are bananas, oranges, so on and so forth.

5. Water

Drinking enough water seems to be underestimated most of the time. However, it surely does helps you to maintain your youthful look refreshment. You should always remember the recommendation to drink enough water which are 8 cups a day or alternatively 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

Water here can be pure water, fruit juice and even milk that you can drink every day on regular basis.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Jenny Heth – Senior Editor of Authority Remedies.

Jenny is the apprentice at Nutrition Society of Australia after finishing her bachelor degree of Human Nutrition at La Trobe University.

She is also pursuing her master degree of Food Science at University of Melbourne.

With the great passion for nutrition and healthy diet, her future is brighter than ever in becoming one of the finest nutritionists and dietitians.

Whether to use MCT or traditional coconut oil in a smoothie recipe

MCT oil is one of the powerful sources of clean fuel for body and brain. With several steps to convert into caloric energy more than carbohydrates, it is hands down one of the reliable ways to power up your achievement or kicks start a weight control program. Below some great tips about whether to use MCT or traditional coconut oil in a smoothie recipe or it will help your body, skin and wellness.

What Makes MCT Oils So Special?

MCTs get their name as of the length of their chemical structure. All sort of fatty acids is made up of a chain of combined carbon and hydrogen. Fats are classified by how several carbons they have: short-chain fats have less than six carbons, medium-chain fats have within 6–12 carbons and long-chain fats have between 13–21. Medium-chain fats are absorbed quickly and sent immediately to your liver, where they have a thermogenic effect and the capacity to alter your metabolism positively. This is one reason why numerous people claim that MCT, containing coconut oil, are burned by the body for strength, or “fuel,” instead of being stored as fat.

Associate to longer-chain fats, MCTs are digested more easily since there’s less activity for the body to do breaking apart carbon bonds.

MCTs and saturated fats are healthy for you in other ways, too: They reduce the danger of low-fat diets, also they’re supportive of your stomach environment, especially because they have the capability to combat harmful bacteria, disease, fungi, and parasites. Additionally, MCTs include antioxidant properties, which is why coconut oil has far-reaching provocative benefits that have led it to be used to manage dozens of health difficulty in folk medicine for centuries.

Medium-chain fatty acids are fitted of helping you:

# keep a healthy weight — as they both make you feel full
# Specifically decrease stored body fat — since they also boost your metabolic function
# Have extra energy
# Think deeper apparently
# Experience excellent digestion
# Balance hormone levels
# develop your mood
# Fight bacterial infection and disease
# Absorb fat-soluble nutrients from multiple foods

MCT Oil is Produced – Coconut Oil is Natural

Coconut oil in nature carries all four MCTs. Also, it contains a small portion of longer chain fatty acids.

MCT oil, on the other hand, is not an oil discovery in nature but is produce by the machine to depart out the medium chain fatty acids from the balance of the oil. The fatty acids are extracted in an industrial process of “fractionation.”

The thesis is that since MCTs are healthy, the higher, the better. Therefore, it is a traditional belief that MCT oil is healthier than coconut oil.


Coconut oil contains MCT’s, though only in relatively modest quantities. C8 MCT (Caprylic Acid) contain roughly 6% of coconut oil, and C10 is normally around 9%. These two forms of MCT are especially valuable because they take far several steps to convert to caloric energy than the other full-fat forms found in coconut oil. Coconut oil is great, but whenever you want to benefit from the fast acting fuel of MCT’s, choosing Onnit MCT oil is the process to go.

How Much MCT Do You Need?

While optimal dosing will differ from person to person, depending on your health situation, energy needs and what your GI tract can bear, here are some standard guidelines to consider:

1. begin with one teaspoon and work your move up, adding one teaspoon at a time over the direction of a few weeks. If you feel GI distress or diarrhea, cut back. Although it’s not dangerous to overdose on MCT, your body will rid itself of the abundance by causing diarrhea, so don’t overdo it.

2. Studies recommend an ideal ketone concentration for maximum hunger destruction, and fat burning is 0.48 millimole per liter. Ketone measurements can be done by urine, breath or blood testing. Blood testing is the very expensive but also the most perfect and simple to test with home measure and strips. Measure your ketones about one hour later taking your MCT oil, and gently build up your dose till you reach 0.48 mmol/L.

3. Alternatively, just raise the dose (slowly) until you notice you’re no high as hungry as you used to be.

4. For supplementation in neurological illness like Alzheimer’s, studies have found advantageous effects using a regular dose of 20 grams of MCT oil.
As for the variety of MCT oil to take, we prefer the more valuable C8 (caprylic acid) oil over those carry both C8 and C10. Avoid cheaper versions containing C6. Even a 1 to 2 percent absorption of C6 can contribute to GI distress. Whenever you want C12 (lauric acid) for its anti-microbial or anti-inflammatory activity, combine coconut oil with your diet, which is light expensive and extra versatile than MCT oil.

Keep in mind, coconut oil is predominantly lauric acid, which has numerous benefits, including antimicrobial. Still, it does not convert as efficiently into ketones and accordingly does not contribute much of a strength boost. Nor does it contain hunger or improve feed your brain the direction C8 and C10 do. MCT oil is usually tasteless and odorless, so it can simply be added to a wide variation of dishes and drink, from salad dressing to smoothies and vegetable juices.

As a dietary sequel, take one tablespoon 1 to 4 times every day. MCT Oil can be combined into smoothies, or try it with the delicious protein shake. Can additionally be used as a substitute for traditional oils in salad dressings or unheated sauces. Not suggest for cooking due to its relatively low boiling point. Not approve for use with Styrofoam or any other foam-based element.

MCT aren’t a miracle medicine. And if you’re interested in MCT oil specifically, adding MCT oil to your daily routine is one method to try a self-experiment and see whether or not they support you. On the other hand, complete food sources of MCTs also have an extra advantage that pure MCT oil provide. But MCT oil is good for health, and this can change your recipes taste.You can use MCT oil in salads, smoothies, fruit juices, etc. It is simply better than coconut oil to help the changes foods taste. Good luck!!!!!


Theory Firm is the ultimate firm-hold hairspray offering elite styling control that lasts all day and night. Surface combines its Gluten-Free Protein Complex and moisturizing botanicals to create the ultimate in strength, shine, color retention, and humidity resistance. Theory firm uses natural ingredients such as cornstarches and mushroom extracts to provide maximum hold and shine and does not contain petroleum, plastic, or PVP. To use, shake well and hold can 8-10 inches from hair and mist. Repeat for a firmer finish.

Natural long hair needs proper care and treatment

The worldwide beauty care industry is worth billions of dollars as the focus is on maintaining beauty, including health care. There are thousands of products that assist the maintenance of skin, face and hair. There are a lot of multinational and local brands that promote beauty and health care these days. However, the reliability of these products is questionable considering the fact that the chemical compositions may react differently to each person. Therefore, it is suggested that natural agents are used to promote the growth of the hair.

Natural long hair needs proper care and treatment

There are particular ingredients that will not only help grow and nurture the hair but also ensure that they grow long and healthy over a period of time. The natural inputs that assist hair care and growth include essential oils such as castor oil and coconut oil, lubricants and non-sticky fluids. These products are now available in the markets. However, the multinationals are yet to enter this particular segment as most of the products are home made by hand.

Such products containing natural ingredients are slightly expensive when compared to the products of global corporations since the manufacturing cost is high. Unlike chemical compositions, natural ingredients have to be prepared from the basic level. This includes finding the right ingredient, preparing the composition, processing and conditioning it to meet the right standards. Care has to be taken to ensure that chemicals are not mixed to the compositions in the process.

All these products have to be prepared manually. For, if they are subjected to mechanical process, the composition might be altered using because of chemical exposure. Therefore, in an effort to avoid any kind of a chemical interference, the natural hair care products are prepared by hand. Some of the products like hair nutrition, hair fluid and hair conditioner are costly when compared to the handmade natural products. These products contain chemicals and synthetics that are costly to produce. Such products are also available in the natural form.

However, they may be very costly since a lot of care is required to produce them. The buying pattern depends on the requirement of the customer. There are chances that customers prefer handmade products since they are considered safer as compared to the factory made MNC products containing high dosage of chemicals and compounds. But make sure that you thoroughly read the reviews of the products before actually using them. These products could be originally organic or inorganicBusiness Management Articles, it really does not matter.

Come in to Salon O Austin Hair Salon for a great hair style or hair cut and see what organic can do for your hair. Book your day Spa appointment today.

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Lighten Up with Restore

Once again we have shown that Osmosis

Skincare is a top contender when it comes to addressing various skin issues. Not only is it possible to reverse aging but we can now also repair damaged cells and calm inflammation to begin the healing process.

Restore™ is the first-ever treatment for aging, hyperpigmentation, and, specifically melasma because of its unique ability to focus on the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ). This is where scar tissue builds up from the constant inflammation that occurs in the skin. Focus needs to be on healing this damage to remove the potential skin discolorations and reduce the progression of aging, disease and inflammation.
Research shows that the likely causes of aging are theaccumulation of protein damage (from free radicals) found in the body. Protein oxidation occurs daily in all 50 trillion of our cells. Restore™ heals them in dramatic fashion both inside the body and on the skin.
Available as an internal supplement and topical serum, each provides its own advantages to healing and improving the body’s immunity. Restore™ Internal uses sublingual drops to correct inflammation and damage in every organ and cell in the body. It reduces the impact of most viral infections; controls yeast, fungus, and bacteria; corrects abnormal immune activity; and heals protein oxidation. Restore™ Topical works to heal the damaged skin cells that signal the melanocyte to over-produce pigmentation. Once the cell is healed, it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. The most remarkable change in the skin results with the permanent removal of most hyperpigmentation.
Restore™ will give your immune system the upgrade it needs, resulting in a reduced rate of aging and a return to complete wellness.Ben Johnson, M.D.

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Spring Clean Your Skin

Soothe and brighten winter skin. Spring Clean Your Skin.

Freshen up your face and maintain healthy skin for Spring with this aroma-inspiring facial.

Step 1: Cleanse the skin with our lavender and peppermint cleanser Cleanse, and remove with a warm damp towel.
Step 2: Cleanse skin a second time with our citrus cleanserPurify, to rid impurities from the skin, remove with a warm damp Spring Clean Your Skintowel.
Step 3: Exfoliate with the cranberry enzymes inPolish. Apply one pump to face and massage in until tacky. Place a hot damp towel to face until it begins to cool to enhance absorption. Remove towel and set aside. Massage Polish into skin for an additional minute and remove with towel.
Step 4: Spray Clear.
Step 5: Pre-mask treatment: Mix in bowl 1 pump Replenish, 1 pump Clear, 1 scoop L-Hyaluronic Acid Powder Active, 1 scoop Vitamin C Powder Blend, apply to skin and massage until fully absorbed.
Boost your skins ability to fight off aging with our antioxidant serum Replenish and hydrate the skin with L-Hyaluronic Acid. Advance your treatment even more with Vitamin C Powder Blend to feed your skin with Vitamin C and E that stimulates the production of collagen and protects your skin from free radical damage while lightening pigmentation.
Step 6: Apply a dime-to-nickle size amount of the Soothing Gel Mask rich in antioxidants from ingredients like green tea and CoQ10. The lemon peel extract will brighten the skin, while honey and Vitamin E hydrate, and soothe your worries away with aloe and witch hazel. Massage into skin until tacky, about 2-3 minutes, apply hot towel to face, remove once just beginning to cool, massage for one more minute and remove with towel (may use steamer).
Step 7: Spray Clear.
Step 8: Hydrate skin with the light scent of lemons in ultra hydrating Quench.
Step 9: Finish off by protecting Spring-fresh skin from damaging UV rays with Shelter.

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Perfect Foundation

What’s Your Colour

Picking the right Colour for your skin tone

Determining the perfect color for your foundation can be daunting, but finding the right color is key in concealing blemishes and creating a smooth overall complexion. Follow these tips to find the perfect match for you and your clients.

What is undertone?
To find your perfect match, you must first identify your skin undertone. Undertone is the color of one’s natural skin pigment and does not change, only the value of light to dark may change over time or with sun exposure. One can have a warm, neutral or cool undertone. These undertones appear in skin colors listed below:
* Warm (Golden Collection) – you have a golden or olive glow to your skin.
Celebrity Example: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez
Pressed Base Golden Collection
* Neutral (Natural Collection) – a delicate peach lightens your complexion.
Celebrity Example: Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna
Pressed Base Natural Collection
* Cool (Beige Collection) – a rosy pink brightens through your skin.
Celebrity Example: Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Taylor Swift
Pressed Base Beige Collection
* Deep (Honey, Terracotta, Earth) – you have a honey or red/brown richness to your skin.
Celebrity Example: Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey
Pressed Base Global Collection
How to determine your undertone
Look at the inside area of your forearm. Do you see yellow, olive, peach or pink? This is a good indicator of what your true undertone is. If you need more help determining your undertone, hold your arm over to a white sheet of paper; the white paper provides a canvas that can brighten your undertone making it easier for you to identify. This will help you determine whether you have a warm, neutral or cool undertone.
What is skin value/intensity?
Skin value is how light or dark a skin color is, and depending on age or exposure to the sun, one may appear darker or lighter. Once you have determined your correct undertone, adjust the value of the shade by using a lighter or darker color to match your skin.
Come in today to receive free color matching.

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Hair Color During Pregnancy


Courtesy of OCS

During this special time in a woman’s life, she wants to look as beautiful as she feels; so it is often asked whether hair color is safe for pregnant clients and stylists. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), some hair dyes with safer ingredients may be safe to use during pregnancy because so little dye is absorbed through the skin. There are still several precautions that are recommended to take by health care providers.

“Consider waiting through the first trimester to receive chemical services, but if you insist on coloring your hair, use Organic Color Systems which contains more natural, organic, safer ingredients that all other permanent hair colors” says Dr. Stephen Mazer, who has been a practicing and consulting physician in both government and the private sector for over 40 years. “A pregnant stylist should try to reduce exposure during this time and restrict their color use to less toxic hair color products like Organic Color Systems.” According to Dr. Mazer.

When considering receiving or working around hair color or any chemical treatments during pregnancy, one should carefully consider the products ingredients and consult their physician. By providing the doctor with a list of ingredients in the hair color or other chemicals to be used, they will be able to give well-informed recommendations. Please download a full list of ingredients found in Organic Color Systems to bring to your physician.

According to Dr. Stephen Mazer, “Sometimes during pregnancy a women might find herself sensitive to products that wouldn’t ordinarily effect her. It is advised that a Skin allergy / Sensitivity patch test is performed prior to any chemical service.” There is an excellent example of step-by-step salon skin patch test instructions on the Organic Color Systems website.

During pregnancy, it is critical to select a color line that is ammonia and bleach-free like Organic Color Systems. Dr. Mazer advises his pregnant patients to not breath chemical fumes from hair color or lighteners that contain ammonia as this could be harmful to the developing baby and should be avoided. He also recommends choosing a highlight or lowlight procedure instead of an all-over application. These procedures keep the product inside of the foils, protecting the scalp from coming in contact with the hair color. This reduces the risk of product being absorbed into the skin.

According to Dr. Mazer, “Pregnant Stylists should also make sure all chemical services are provided in a well-ventilated area and should always wear gloves during chemical services. This will eliminate the possibility of product absorbing into the skin.”

During pregnancy, a woman may become more sensitive to smells. If she has to sit under the dryer, consider giving the client a cloth, towel, or even a mask to diffuse the smell from the air that is blowing downward towards her face. It is always good advice to follow the manufactures instructions for the hair color and lighteners, and don’t process any chemical service for longer time than recommended.

After the service, make sure to rinse the product thoroughly from the hair and follow up with a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates and parabens, like those from Organic Care Systems. It is important to continue using safer products like these throughout the pregnancy.

Never color or lighten a pregnant client’s eyebrows or eyelashes due to the risk of eye infection and swelling. Do not eat or drink in the work area to reduce the risk of contamination.

It is important during this delicate time to know exactly what is being put on, or in the body. By consulting with a physician, taking all recommended precautions, and by using Organic Color Systems and Organic Care Systems, pregnant clients and stylists won’t sacrifice their health, beauty, or the well being of the precious life growing inside of them.

For  more information on Organic Color Systems please visit their website at

Why We Love jane iredale Mineral Skincare Makeup

Why We Love jane iredale Mineral Skincare Makeup Salon O Austin Day Spa

photos courtesy of jane iredale cosmetics

photos courtesy of jane iredale cosmetics

Did you know that jane iredale Mineral Powders are known as The Skin Care Makeup?

If not, now you do and here are the TOP reasons why we LOVE using this amazing line and how it earns the right to the call itself “Skin Care” and “Makeup” as one!

  • Their multi-tasking products, Amazing Base, PurePressed Base, Glow Time and Dream Tint, provide four important functions in one:                                                                                                     Foundation, Concealer, Sunscreen and Active skin care benefits.
    • It’s amazing to be able to just throw ONE foundation product into your bag to cover the bases! Getting ready at the gym, no problem! I just throw my Glow Time BB7, Barely Rose Blush, Lip Fixation in Fascination in the Bag; I’m out the door and BOOM – Looking BEAUTIFUL post workout! 
  • Broad Spectrum Sun Protection
    •  jane iredale bases have been awarded a “Very Water Resistant” rating in an FDA-approved lab. In order to achieve this they had to withstand 80 minutes in moving water and still maintain their SPF rating!!! Now that’s SUN PROTECTION!
  • Mineral Bases have a range of finishes from sheer to full coverage, giving clients a wide range within the line (and often within specific products!)
    • I love that I can put a light application of my Glow Time BB Cream on for a little tint but can use more on days I feel the need more coverage.  All with ONE product!
  • A Base for Everyone: Whether you like liquid or powder foundations, never worry jane iredale has you covered with one of their bases. Non-comedogenic: Their foundations form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. They also contain algae extract which helps to prevent dehydration, calm skin and provide it with antioxidants. Talc & Paraben Free.
    • Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder: Provides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Exceptional coverage, including redness and brown spots. Free of oil, talc, dyes and parabens. Ideal for people who suffer from skin problems such as eczema or rosacea. Vegan/Gluten Free.
    • Pure Pressed Base Mineral Powder: Provides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Provides a foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits all in one. Vegan/Gluten Free.
    • Glow Time Full Coverage BB CreamTheir mineral-based formula nourishes your complexion and helps protect skin from UV and free radical damage. Provides Broad Spectrum SPF 25. Water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Grapefruit Extract promotes luminosity and skin radiance, minimizes appearance of pores and wrinkles, and may help to fade uneven pigmentation. Apple Extract is a skin-smoothing antioxidant that exfoliates, refines and rejuvenates the skin. Sunflower Seed Oil is rich in moisturizing vitamin E. Aloe Leaf Juice soothes and calms the skin. Vegan/Gluten Free.
    • Dream Tint Tinted MoisturizerThis super-absorbent tinted moisturizer not only hydrates, but creates a soft-focus effect that minimizes the look of large pores and fine lines. Provides Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Hydrates, prevents water loss, calms skin and improves elasticity. Vegan/Gluten Free.
    • Liquid Minerals FoundationA light-reflecting, mineral foundation in a special liquid formulation. Moist and light look. Great for mature skin. Contains Hyaluronic AcidVitamin C and Coenzyme Q10. Vegan/Gluten Free.

No matter what level of coverage you need jane iredale is The Skincare Makeup that will give you what you want!

Image courtesy of jane iredale cosmetics

How to Pick the Perfect Updo for your Special Occasion


How to Pick the Perfect Updo for your Special Occasion

How to Pick the Perfect Updo for your Special OccasionBeauty and the final step in completing ANY special occasion look (whether for a wedding, prom or homecoming) with absolute PERFECTION is to balance your features with a stunningly Perfect Updo! Find your face shape below and beautiful styles to finish the look you’ve been dreaming of!

Oval Shaped Face:

Lucky you! The proportions of the Oval face are the most ideal because each facial feature is already “just right” and needs minimal, if any balancing.


Anything goes but a classic pulled back look such as a Classic French Twist or Sleek Bun will highlight your perfect proportions just right!

Round Shaped Face:

While this face shape may seem self-explanatory (aren’t all faces round?) specifically speaking this shape is defined by round cheeks and the face is widest at the ears while gradually curving towards the top and bottom of the face. The ideal style will have a slimming effect.


The styles that will best create this balance will add focus to the crown of the head. French Twists topped with curls, any style using side parts and with volume at the crown will help to draw attention from the cheeks and elongate the face.

Heart Shaped Face:

Heart shaped faces can be recognized by the forehead being the widest part of the face with the chin being the narrowest. The key to striking the perfect balance here will succeed in creating the illusion of a wider chin and narrower forehead.


A softly pulled back ponytail or high bun helps to create this balance but Half-up/Half-down styles with added fullness in the lower half are also great options. Voluminous waves or curls still look soft while adding balance for heart shaped faces.

Oblong Shaped Face:

This shape is similar in width at top and bottom and usually long and thin with a wide and square chin. Styles best for this shape will help to shorten and widen the facial features.


For a high-fashion look a high bun is an easy way to achieve shorter proportions while turning heads. If a softer style is what appeals to you a side chignon will create a balanced yet chic look for your event.

Square Shaped Face:

Square faces are characterized by a strong, angular jaw and brow that are about the same width. With this shape we want to soften these angles.


Any Updo involving curls will look best and help to soften the strong features of square faces while wisps around the face and bangs help to minimize the square brow.