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Our Austin day spa offers several different types of facials and skin care. Did you know? Austin Day Spa Facials and Skin Care The word “facial” is a general term for skin treatments, performed by a licensed aesthetician. A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, crèmes, lotions, facial masks, peels and facial massage. A facial hydrates your skin and if effective in faster cell renewal and helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Routine facials can dramatically change the appearance and overall health of your skin. We have a facial treatment to combat any issue you may be experiencing; whether your issue is acne, sun spots, fine lines or dehydration. Facials are extremely relaxing and have shown to improve your mood.

Salon O’s natural and organic skin care recipes are kind to sensitive skin and are non-allergenic and non-toxic. Our products are recommended for all skin types, and for both men and women. Our team does extensive research to find the best organic line that will not only leave your skin feeling soft, but it will also provide valuable protection against environmental damage.

For Your Face:

Balance balancing and beautifying

Specializing in balancing and beautifying all skin types, this is considered the Mother of all Facials; it includes all of the basic steps needed to keep your skin healthy and looking beautiful. We start by massaging the face with an herbal crème cleanser to soften skin and improve circulation, using steam to open your pores and remove toxins. Then, we apply a beautifying masque to close your pores and refine your skin texture.

Escape balancing

Restore your inner glow with this customized signature facial that is designed to pamper, revive and nourish your skin. It is suitable for all skin types and is clears and detoxifies while balancing the pH of your skin. This facial includes a skin cleansing, exfoliation of the face and neck, extractions, a customized hydrating masque, followed by a calming hand and décolleté massage. We finish by applying a series of serums for maximum hydration.

Quench anti-aging

This facial provides exceptional results to minimize the signs of ageing and stress. Our Quench facial will increase the production of collagen and elastin. It will then resurface your complexion, lift and rejuvenate your skin and minimize the effects of sun damage. The journey begins with a cleansing and exfoliating treatment for your face and neck, and then a series of serums are applied for maximum hydration. Galvanic current is used to stimulate, lift, tighten and firm your skin, as well as to remove impurities from deep within your skin, resulting in better skin clarity and eliminating dullness caused by aging and stress.

Detox oily or congested skin

The Detox facial removes impurities through a deep cleanse and double exfoliation treatment. High frequency is then used to stimulate your blood circulation and eliminate toxins. We use effective extraction techniques and target spot treatments relieve congested skin. We finish with z purifying masque to calm, tone and detox your skin, while you are treated to a relaxing and soothing décolleté massage.

On the Go hydrate and maintain

Our mini-facial includes the basics for maintaining healthy skin. Our On the Go facial includes a gentle cleanse, steam, exfoliation, a facial masque and moisturizing, based on your specific skin type and tone. This is perfect for a lunch hour pick me up, or before a makeup application. It is designed to smooth, brighten and refine your skin. This facial does not include extractions.

Chocolate Decadence a ray of light

This facial rejuvenates ad bathes your skin with natural enzymes to increase firmness, reduce wrinkles and skin pigmentation caused by hormonal changes and sun damage. We apply Lactic and Glycolic enzymes to reveal younger, firmer skin. Finally, a chocolate masque is applied to help calm, tone and uncover your skin’s natural glow. For optimal results, perform in a series.

Microderm re-surface and reveal

Reveal radiant, younger looking skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. This highly effective facial is designed to improve sun damage, uneven skin tone, smooth scars and blemishes and to soften the appearance of fine lines. We begin by gently cleansing to prep your skin for our microdermabrasion resurfacing treatment. After, we apply customized serums to calm, nourish and tone your skin, according to your individual needs. This facial does not include extractions. For optimal results, perform in a series.

About Face back facial

Our About Face back facial will remove impurities through a deep cleanse and double exfoliation treatment. Next, a rebalancing clay masque ill detoxify the skin, and it is followed by light extractions. We finish with a purifying masque to calm and tone your skin, while you are treated to a relaxing and soothing scalp massage.

Chemical Peel resurface and reveal

Reveal radiant, younger looking skin with our natural chemical peels. Skin is resurfaced by removing the upper most layer of the skin to stimulate new cell production. For optimal results, perform in a series.

Facial Enhancements

Eye and Lip Treatment

This extra soothing and nourishing eye treatment removes excess lymph fluid, tones, lightens and relieves inflammation. Allow us to gentle exfoliate your dry, sore and chapped lips with our organic essential oils and our sugar scrub.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

This peel utilizes organic, bio-dynamic and plant derived enzymes to reveal a fresh layer of healthy skin, without the use of harsh chemicals. Add this to any facial to halt dullness, fine lines, blemishes, uneven skin tones and inflammation. Our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel will reveal visibly smoother and refined complexion.

The above customized facials are infused with marine minerals, a complex synergy of plants, flowers, leaves, bark, oils, vitamins and trace minerals, all carefully selected formulas specifically designed to treat, nourish and strengthen your skin on a therapeutic level, providing you with results usually seen after your first application.

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