Austin Day Spa Shiatsu – Japanese Massage

Shiatsu – Japanese Acupressure Massage

Austin Day Spa Shiatsu - Japanese MassageOur day spa offers the Shiatsu massage to our clientele which is a wonderful invigorating massage.

The Japanese have been using acupuncture treatment for centuries. The Japanese word for “acupressure” is “shiatsu”: “shi” meaning “finger” and “atsu” meaning “pressure”. When we are in pain, and we don’t feel well, we stimulate certain acupressure points, called isubo. By massaging them with our fingers, we feel better.

At our Austin day spa, the Shiatsu massage is aimed at releasing trapped energy and enabling it to flow throughout the body, restoring your natural balance. This is achieved by applying pressure to various points along those channels using mainly the thumbs, knuckles, palms and sometimes the use of elbows, feet and knees.

Acupressure works by helping to balance your meridians and can be an effective treatment for many first aid related problems, headache, backache, asthma and fatigue.

The massage can last between 30 to 90 minutes and, unlike traditional massage, loose clothing is usually worn throughout the session.

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