Massage Therapy

Austin Day Spa Massage Therapy

Austin Day Spa Massage Therapy

Our Austin day spa offers several different types of massage therapy. Did you know?

The word “massage” comes from the Arabic word, “massa”, meaning “stroke”. There are many basic strokes that massage therapists have at their disposal. There are gliding strokes (the long stroke, feathering, broad circling), medium-depth strokes (kneading, pulling, wringing), deep tissue strokes (heel of hand pressure, thumb-rolling, fingertip pressure) and percussion (hacking, pummeling, cupping, plucking), to name a few.

During a massage at our Austin day spa, our massage therapists will move up and down your body, applying various strokes with varying intensity and force to correct any inadequacies in an individual’s musculature and nervous system. We firmly believe that physical touch is the gift of healing that humans possess.

According to research studies, this physical touch is much more than skin deep. There are over five million touch receptors in the skin; 3,000 in a single fingertip, each sending a message through the spinal cord to the brain. When a massage therapist touches the skin, these signals are activated and are sent straight to the brain in a split second. The advantageous signals produced by the therapeutic physical massage studies show reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and cause the brain to release endorphins, the brain’s opiate-like substances that promote stress reduction. Consistent massages throughout one’s lifespan have been clinically proven to increase a person’s longevity and their quality of life.

Our day spa massage therapist will assess your soft tissue conditions, joint quality, muscle strength and their range of motion. Before your massage begins, our therapist will consult with you to learn your medical history and what problems you may have with stress or pain. This helps to determine which type of massage would be the most beneficial. The Nature Company’s professional massage therapist will make sure to educate you on how to improve your posture and teach you strengthening, stretching and rehabilitative exercises as well as relaxation techniques.

Let our day spa pamper you with a natural massage and spa experience! We have one of the best massage staffs , in the Austin area, that offer a wide range of massage that will satisfy, smooth and relax even the most tense body. Come visit our Austin day spa today for a nice, soothing and relaxing massage. We guarantee that the services provided, along with our all natural product line, cannot be beat.

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