Is beer beneficial for your hair?

 Is beer beneficial for your hair

Beer: We drink, fertilize grass and even thought of cooking with it. But have you ever thought of dousing your hair with it? Purposely not accidentally I mean! So let’s give a second thought as beer really turns out to be good for our hair. The basic ingredients of hair are malt and hop that is full of protein, strengthening the hair cuticles. The cuticles are a layer of cells that wraps in a shingle-like fashion around the hair strands. When they are damaged they become rough and your hair looks dry and frizzy.

These proteins found in beer realign the damaged cuticles, they are mainly used for repairing your damaged hair due to various reasons like blow-drying, application of heat, straightening, etc. The benefits of using beer don’t end up here only, they provide your hair with additional shine. The smooth surface would better reflect. The vitamin B and the sugars present in beer do strength your hair. Though studies say regular use of beer results in dryness due to the presence of alcohol. Some even claim there is no evidence of beer making a wonder wash, leaving behind just a frat party smell.

How to add beer to your hair wash?

Decarbohydrate: Pour your beer in a jug or a bowl and keep it over a day or allow it to sit overnight to de carbohydrate. The more it is exposed to air, the faster it will oxidize and liquefy. It is important for the beer to release its carbon dioxide or else it will react with water and act as hard water, having high mineral content. The higher content of carbon dioxide prevents the benefits of shampoo and makes it difficult for you to wash off. Using hard water create scales by your hair sides making it look rough and frizzy. You can get a great discount on hair products online using big basket offers.

Shampoo your hair: You can use whatever regular shampoo you use to, but skip the conditioner, the beer will work for you. Bring your beer in a bottle while you bath and reach out easily when you shower.

Message: Message your hair with your beer for about one minute. Beer is also very beneficial for your hair scalp and skin as it reduces the production of sebum. And helps in reducing the oil formation keeping it normal to dry. You can dip your tips in beer for about five whole minutes, then rinse your hair with water.

Rinse it off: It is advisable not to rinse your beer completely. After your wash, towel dry your hair afterward. You can see results after a few washes. But don’t you every day as the alcohol present in beer can make it even drier on regular use.

How to enhance your application

  • As the alcohol present in the beer can have an adverse effect and make your hair dry, you can counteract by adding some essential oils to it. It will not only add extra nourishment to your hair but also will provide you with a soothing feeling while you message leaving you with a pleasant smell. Consider adding a few drops of lemon oil, almond oil, chamomile oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil or even sandalwood oil.
  • Vinegar also helps in counteracting the frizziness of beer and makes it more soothing with an amazing texture. Harsh shampoo aggravates these scales and prevents your hair look shiny. Use raw apple cider vinegar rather than a commercial one. Raw vinegar is neither heated nor distilled. They contain much of good bacteria and enzymes improving your hair quality. Use 1 to 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water and use it instead of beer wash. But overuse may quite result in dryness of hair, so few times would work well. You can apply for Health Educator Jobs to know about this field.

While beer smells unpleasant, you may not want to use it before an event or heading to any workplace. So apply on weekends or once or twice a month, to get that additional boost.