Hair Styling Tools

Hair Styling Tools


How to Trim Your Own Hair

Trim Your Own Hair Trimming hair can be done easily at home by you. You just need to have the proper skills and knowledge on how to trim your own hair. The basic idea of hair trimming is cutting the end parts of the hair especially the dead hair. In this way, the remaining hair can continue to grow longer. Learning how to trim your own hair gives you the chance of having a fresh and new look every time. Whatever reason you have in trimming your hair, what’s important is that you can do it at home on your own with quick and simple process. Moreover, trimming your own hair can also help you save time and money.

How to Trim Your Own Hair – For Women

For women who have long hair, make sure that the hair is washed and conditioned before trimming begins. The hair should remained damp as possible by drying it with a towel. Damp hair is easier to trim rather than dry or wet hair. In case the hair gets dry while trimming, spray it with water by using a handy bottle. The long hair should be combed and tangle free before trimming. By using index and middle fingers, mark the end portion of the hair to be trimmed. Below the fingers cut the portion of the hair with a pair of scissors. Perform these steps in all sections of the hair and ensure that the hair achieves a straight line.

How to Trim Your Own Hair – For Men

For men who want to trim their own hair, the best place to do the trimming is in the bathroom since it is easy to clean the area after trimming. Men will require two mirrors when trimming their own hair, one for the back and one for the front. In this way, men can get a better understanding and look of their hair. Just like women, men should also ensure that their hair is damp before trimming. Men should begin trimming their hair from the top. Uphold a hair portion by twisting it with index and thumb fingers then trim with the use of scissors. These steps should be performed on the entire scalp till desired hair length is achieved.

How to Use Hair Clippers

Using Hair Clippers Hair clippers are tools use in cutting human hair. It is also used for trimming ear hair, mustaches, and even nasal hair. With the proper knowledge on using this tool, one is able to save money and time for salon visits. Before the electric hair clipper was invented, many people are using the manual clippers instead. Apparently, when electric hair clipper was invented, it became popular. Today, various designs and accessories are made available for electric hair clipper depending on the users’ requirements and preferences.


Know How to Use Hair Clippers at Home

Using hair clippers can be frightening especially if you do not have the knowledge or at least basic idea on how to use it. The hair clippers should also be used with extra caution and little care in order to achieve desired results. Hair clippers may also come in different features, various lengths of combs, and several attachments. It can be cordless or with attached cords. Some hair clippers use its base as its recharger but some may require power outlets for recharging. To maintain the good working condition of hair clippers effectively, use a cleaning brush and lubrication oil.

Compared to scissors, hair clippers are not used in cutting wet hair because wet hair tends to block the blade, thus affecting the efficacy of the clippers. Hair clippers should be used against hair growth direction in order to achieve an even haircut. For best results, the hair clippers should not be overloaded with plenty of hair. Once the hair clipper is overloaded with hair, it will not only spoil the clipper but the hairstyle as well. Above all, in using hair clippers.

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