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Skincare is a top contender when it comes to addressing various skin issues. Not only is it possible to reverse aging but we can now also repair damaged cells and calm inflammation to begin the healing process.

Restore™ is the first-ever treatment for aging, hyperpigmentation, and, specifically melasma because of its unique ability to focus on the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ). This is where scar tissue builds up from the constant inflammation that occurs in the skin. Focus needs to be on healing this damage to remove the potential skin discolorations and reduce the progression of aging, disease and inflammation.
Research shows that the likely causes of aging are theaccumulation of protein damage (from free radicals) found in the body. Protein oxidation occurs daily in all 50 trillion of our cells. Restore™ heals them in dramatic fashion both inside the body and on the skin.
Available as an internal supplement and topical serum, each provides its own advantages to healing and improving the body’s immunity. Restore™ Internal uses sublingual drops to correct inflammation and damage in every organ and cell in the body. It reduces the impact of most viral infections; controls yeast, fungus, and bacteria; corrects abnormal immune activity; and heals protein oxidation. Restore™ Topical works to heal the damaged skin cells that signal the melanocyte to over-produce pigmentation. Once the cell is healed, it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. The most remarkable change in the skin results with the permanent removal of most hyperpigmentation.
Restore™ will give your immune system the upgrade it needs, resulting in a reduced rate of aging and a return to complete wellness.Ben Johnson, M.D.

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