How to Pick the Perfect Updo for your Special Occasion


How to Pick the Perfect Updo for your Special Occasion

How to Pick the Perfect Updo for your Special OccasionBeauty and the final step in completing ANY special occasion look (whether for a wedding, prom or homecoming) with absolute PERFECTION is to balance your features with a stunningly Perfect Updo! Find your face shape below and beautiful styles to finish the look you’ve been dreaming of!

Oval Shaped Face:

Lucky you! The proportions of the Oval face are the most ideal because each facial feature is already “just right” and needs minimal, if any balancing.


Anything goes but a classic pulled back look such as a Classic French Twist or Sleek Bun will highlight your perfect proportions just right!

Round Shaped Face:

While this face shape may seem self-explanatory (aren’t all faces round?) specifically speaking this shape is defined by round cheeks and the face is widest at the ears while gradually curving towards the top and bottom of the face. The ideal style will have a slimming effect.


The styles that will best create this balance will add focus to the crown of the head. French Twists topped with curls, any style using side parts and with volume at the crown will help to draw attention from the cheeks and elongate the face.

Heart Shaped Face:

Heart shaped faces can be recognized by the forehead being the widest part of the face with the chin being the narrowest. The key to striking the perfect balance here will succeed in creating the illusion of a wider chin and narrower forehead.


A softly pulled back ponytail or high bun helps to create this balance but Half-up/Half-down styles with added fullness in the lower half are also great options. Voluminous waves or curls still look soft while adding balance for heart shaped faces.

Oblong Shaped Face:

This shape is similar in width at top and bottom and usually long and thin with a wide and square chin. Styles best for this shape will help to shorten and widen the facial features.


For a high-fashion look a high bun is an easy way to achieve shorter proportions while turning heads. If a softer style is what appeals to you a side chignon will create a balanced yet chic look for your event.

Square Shaped Face:

Square faces are characterized by a strong, angular jaw and brow that are about the same width. With this shape we want to soften these angles.


Any Updo involving curls will look best and help to soften the strong features of square faces while wisps around the face and bangs help to minimize the square brow.