Safe, Simple, Smart Hair Color!

How would you like some waxes, artificial gelling agents or cream thickeners in your hair? No? What about some synthetic chemical fragrances? Sound good? Ready to make an appointment with your stylist to get all of the above ingredients into your hair ASAP? Obviously not. Who wants these ingredients on our hair and skin? Into our bodies? Clearly this must be some sort of trick question I am posing to you? Well, it’s not. It’s the truth about hair color.

What’s great about today is our focus and attention on finding better solutions to our daily lives. How can we make choices that will improve our lifestyle? What can we look for that will enhance what we already do? And…. How can we do all of this simply and easily? Don’t get me wrong – I am all about taking care of our planet and being smart and safe with my life… but can I do this without making too many disruptions in my normal routine? Yes, I want it to be easy.

Easy? Yes. The answer is yes. One very easy way to be smarter about what you put in your body is simply looking at your hair color. By switching to a salon that carries Simply Organic hair color you just made an easy change that will be noticeably better for you. With superior dye purity, better quality ingredients and custom essential oil blends, you will be taking better care of your hair and better care of your body. It’s a win-win.

Simply Organic Oil Emulsion hair color is made from the finest ingredients. It’s not certified organic in its entirety, but it is made with better choices of ingredients than the majority of other hair color products out there. Think of the frequency in which you get your hair colored or highlighted. Think of if you just made one simple change to find a salon near you that carried the Simply Organic hair color. Now flash forward a few years and think about how simple the switch was and how much better your hair and body are because of this one change. I wonder if you can do this with other areas of your life besides hair color?

What other areas can you easily change to be a healthier you? It’s all about the baby steps. Pretty soon those baby (healthy) steps turn into a new lifestyle where you are lighter, happier, healthier and probably smiling more.